Don’t Worry, there’s hope

This is the post excerpt.


Who would have thought I would end up here today writing my first ever blog post..?

Life is taking its toll on me in many ways.. and being an AB+ femme, I’d tried my best by ‘Always Being Positive’, even when the times were tough and as if all were going against me. The fact is that, even if You feel alone.. You are not actually the only one feeling this way.. there must be many..right this instant.. going through the tough times of their lives..trying to make life changing decisions.. hoping for things to work out..and thus having an “always be positive” attitude is not a bad thing at all…it could actually make you feel better in the present.. as we should all live in the present always.

But can we really do it or not? Time will Prove..

But will our decisions affect us in any way? Yes it will..

And should you be prepared for it? Yes.. because it was your decision..

So today.. I feel hopeful.. Time will keep changing.. seasons will change no matter what..

We are getting older by the moment..

Who ever you are..reading through this.. I believe I can give you some assurance that..its okay to be hopeful.. You don’t have to worry so much now.. because there’s no point in matter what the outcome may.. you just need to let go of your expectations..not hope..

There’s always hope.. because no one knows what lies ahead.. the future is what we make for ourself.. if you think through carefully enough you will realize its the best thing to be alive.. and to live without any regrets.. facing failures and successes..

It’s all part of a cycle.. because everything keeps repeating.. but never the same again.. there’s little chance of getting depressed at the same pain twice..because we grow with time..mentally and physically..

We can do this..

We change with time too…but its up to us in what way we change.

Even if we don’t practice what we preach..including me.. it’s okay.. Don’t Worry.. Because Staying Happy is our choice.. and..


And the Sun will shine the storm passes and makes way for the light once more.